product designer

Hello I'm Aliz !

I love creating, always ready to learn and find solutions!

Welcome to my
tiny slide of internet !

I’m an Enthusiastic and friendly northern Mexican, living in French Brittany with my husband, son, and dog.

I come from a family of informatics specialized in editorial design and printing. When I was a teenager I did not want to know anything about the family business, so I preferred to take diplomatic studies to save the world.

After many philosophical talks and discoveries about how the world works, I decided to open the way to what has always come naturally to me, colors, people and research. So I graduated from the Bootcamp of IronHack UX UI Design on May 22nd 2021.

I’m a kind of nomad women and I adapt easily to changes, I been living in México city in my 20’s. Then I reach the opportunity to make an exchange to Santiago de Compostela, Spain when I was 22. One year after I become au pair in California, and for my 25th anniversaries, I decide it’s time to go back to my roots.

In 2017 when I arrived in France I make only a 6-month course in French and 3 months after I got my first and awesome opportunity to work in the tech world. I have been learning a lot by myself and guiding by awesome developers, they aroused my curiosity about the world of coding.
Now I’m determined to create amazing user human experiences and try to save the world differently.

Thanks for reading 🖖🏾